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Following my post on flamencos and the fascination of Spanish culture, I went to the library to look for more inspirational garments from Spain. Unfortunately I didn’t find a book on the history of flamenco dresses, but I found a portfolio of Ruven Afanador’s work called Mil Besos. It was DEFINITELY a better encounter than a plain old historical approach to the flamenco.

Just look, his execution of the photography is just genius. I was in awe as I turned each page – each picture was thoughtful, powerful, and mesmerizing. I couldn’t turn the page yet I wanted to see more and more.

I love fashion photography with drama, rich theme, and brilliant execution. These are some fierce photographs!

My favorite from the book:

I think you can see why :]


From MC Hammer's You Can't Touch This

I wished I touched these back in the 90s! Best pants ever. They even sold templates for it:

I’m a sucker for clothes that give a fun amount of volume to your silhouette from balloon skirts, puffy sleeves, and especially parachute pants. I looked through my image wardrobe on my desktop and most of the images I dragged were parachute pants. Surprise! after all, I did make a fashion line recently featuring parachute pants.

Here are some I can share with you on the spot:

Armand Basi's Spring 09 collection. Note how MC Hammer it is!

black and white spread

Some from my fashion collection:

& that’s it for parachute pants!

Look at this crazy feisty headdress crafted beautifully with tulle!!!!

This beautiful collection belongs to Pam Hogg from the automn/winter 2010 London Fashion Week. I love the sexy sass vibe that I get from these ruffles since usually it’s very flowery and hyperfeminine. Ahhh, it’s beautiful – the ruffle afro is STUNNING! As this year’s London Fashion Week approaches, I’m aching to see the next collection that’s being presented this year. Hopefully there will be a surprise of a fru fru line like Pam Hogg’s.

Here’s a dress version of the fru fru from Pam Hogg again:

posted from On | Off exhibition blog from Sept 09

Love it!

& another from the London Fashion Week last year from Graeme Armour:

Beautiful metallic futuristic fru fru. The simple color coordination of black and white nails both the pants and dress look. I would wear both for a night out at a club!