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Getting Tarte to wear his first collar in the hopes that he can be trained to go on a walk (someday….) This is day 1.






Just doing work for me nbd. Such a diligent little fella!


Tarte got neutered a few days ago and he couldn’t stop itching. I called my vet for advice and they said that making a paper plate collar is a good way to go. He hated it at first but he’s kept this one on for 2 days straight! I think he thinks it’s kind of fashionable? Anyways I’m glad he’s rocking the Elizabethan ruff on his neck.

It was Tarte’s birthday yesterday. He’s finally 8 months old :]

Tarte says: Stay warm everyone!

I decided to upload my cat, TarteĀ on Youtube

Enjoy! It’s not the best quality since it was taken with an iphone but he’s officially broadcasted on the internet in motion.