Tarte got neutered a few days ago and he couldn’t stop itching. I called my vet for advice and they said that making a paper plate collar is a good way to go. He hated it at first but he’s kept this one on for 2 days straight! I think he thinks it’s kind of fashionable? Anyways I’m glad he’s rocking the Elizabethan ruff on his neck.


It was Tarte’s birthday yesterday. He’s finally 8 months old :]

My mom found this chocolate called Blue Day Chocolate for people who want to eat chocolate to make them happier. I thought the packaging was so adorable so I decided to take a picture. I think it might be a merchandise from the book, Blue Day Book by Bradley Trevor Greive since it’s got the frog illustrations just like the book cover. A fun find I thought I should share from Japan.

Tarte says: Stay warm everyone!

I decided to upload my cat, Tarte on Youtube

Enjoy! It’s not the best quality since it was taken with an iphone but he’s officially broadcasted on the internet in motion.

I’ve realized that there are absurd things that appear in Baltimore during halloween.
Pretty self-explanatory:



sitting on my notes on a sunny afternoon



sitting amid academia.


My study buddy, Tarte. Sometimes he gets in the way and sits on my notes but other than that he’s the best I could have ever asked for!

I was looking for paper dolls for inspiration and I found this beautiful letterpress paperdolls by Egg Press letterpress (via http://thelongthread.com/)

Following my post on flamencos and the fascination of Spanish culture, I went to the library to look for more inspirational garments from Spain. Unfortunately I didn’t find a book on the history of flamenco dresses, but I found a portfolio of Ruven Afanador’s work called Mil Besos. It was DEFINITELY a better encounter than a plain old historical approach to the flamenco.

Just look, his execution of the photography is just genius. I was in awe as I turned each page – each picture was thoughtful, powerful, and mesmerizing. I couldn’t turn the page yet I wanted to see more and more.

I love fashion photography with drama, rich theme, and brilliant execution. These are some fierce photographs!

My favorite from the book:

I think you can see why :]

This is a fashion spread I found on the most recent harper’s bazaar issue called Spanish Revial which featured a flamenco dress from Valentino. The red dress thats featured here has got kick ass ruffles with an amazing deep cadmium red colour, except its….$7,900!!! I want to cry because I can’t afford it :[

Let’s NOT forget to mention that the best part is that the Valentino dress is surrounded by other festive patterns and poca dot fru fru flamenco dresses!