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His new favorite place to sit and observe – he blends right in!


Just doing work for me nbd. Such a diligent little fella!


Tarte says: Stay warm everyone!

Following my post on flamencos and the fascination of Spanish culture, I went to the library to look for more inspirational garments from Spain. Unfortunately I didn’t find a book on the history of flamenco dresses, but I found a portfolio of Ruven Afanador’s work called Mil Besos. It was DEFINITELY a better encounter than a plain old historical approach to the flamenco.

Just look, his execution of the photography is just genius. I was in awe as I turned each page – each picture was thoughtful, powerful, and mesmerizing. I couldn’t turn the page yet I wanted to see more and more.

I love fashion photography with drama, rich theme, and brilliant execution. These are some fierce photographs!

My favorite from the book:

I think you can see why :]

This is a fashion spread I found on the most recent harper’s bazaar issue called Spanish Revial which featured a flamenco dress from Valentino. The red dress thats featured here has got kick ass ruffles with an amazing deep cadmium red colour, except its….$7,900!!! I want to cry because I can’t afford it :[

Let’s NOT forget to mention that the best part is that the Valentino dress is surrounded by other festive patterns and poca dot fru fru flamenco dresses!