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From Germany with cat love



Local bagel shop decor in Park Slope šŸ™‚


My mom found this chocolate called Blue Day Chocolate for people who want to eat chocolate to make them happier. I thought the packaging was so adorable so I decided to take a picture. I think it might be a merchandise from the book, Blue Day Book by Bradley Trevor Greive since it’s got the frog illustrations just like the book cover. A fun find I thought I should share from Japan.

I’ve realized that there areĀ absurdĀ things that appear in Baltimore during halloween.
Pretty self-explanatory:

I was looking for paper dolls for inspiration and I found this beautiful letterpress paperdolls by Egg Press letterpress (via

This is a fashion spread I found on the most recent harper’s bazaar issue called Spanish Revial which featured a flamenco dress from Valentino. The red dress thats featured here has got kick ass ruffles with an amazing deep cadmium red colour, except its….$7,900!!! I want to cry because I can’t afford it :[

Let’s NOT forget to mention that the best part is that the Valentino dress is surrounded by other festive patterns and poca dot fru fru flamenco dresses!

I was at a friend’s place in Brooklyn and we decided to walk to a sushi restaurant in Bergen Street. Although we didn’t find any clothes dumped on the street, look what we found:

A DIY pinwheel! How cute, right?

As much as I died for a free awesome souvenir, I left it there just in case the child came back looking for it.