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You know when Tarte has been mine when you see how happy he gets when I pull out fabric to make something!




The aftermath of too much fun


Tarte got neutered a few days ago and he couldn’t stop itching. I called my vet for advice and they said that making a paper plate collar is a good way to go. He hated it at first but he’s kept this one on for 2 days straight! I think he thinks it’s kind of fashionable? Anyways I’m glad he’s rocking the Elizabethan ruff on his neck.

I was looking for paper dolls for inspiration and I found this beautiful letterpress paperdolls by Egg Press letterpress (via

Following my post on flamencos and the fascination of Spanish culture, I went to the library to look for more inspirational garments from Spain. Unfortunately I didn’t find a book on the history of flamenco dresses, but I found a portfolio of Ruven Afanador’s work called Mil Besos. It was DEFINITELY a better encounter than a plain old historical approach to the flamenco.

Just look, his execution of the photography is just genius. I was in awe as I turned each page – each picture was thoughtful, powerful, and mesmerizing. I couldn’t turn the page yet I wanted to see more and more.

I love fashion photography with drama, rich theme, and brilliant execution. These are some fierce photographs!

My favorite from the book:

I think you can see why :]

This is a fashion spread I found on the most recent harper’s bazaar issue called Spanish Revial which featured a flamenco dress from Valentino. The red dress thats featured here has got kick ass ruffles with an amazing deep cadmium red colour, except its….$7,900!!! I want to cry because I can’t afford it :[

Let’s NOT forget to mention that the best part is that the Valentino dress is surrounded by other festive patterns and poca dot fru fru flamenco dresses!

From MC Hammer's You Can't Touch This

I wished I touched these back in the 90s! Best pants ever. They even sold templates for it:

I’m a sucker for clothes that give a fun amount of volume to your silhouette from balloon skirts, puffy sleeves, and especially parachute pants. I looked through my image wardrobe on my desktop and most of the images I dragged were parachute pants. Surprise! after all, I did make a fashion line recently featuring parachute pants.

Here are some I can share with you on the spot:

Armand Basi's Spring 09 collection. Note how MC Hammer it is!

black and white spread

Some from my fashion collection:

& that’s it for parachute pants!

OMG I just read the article here on the cat fashion show that happened at Algonquin hotel in NYC to celebrate their cat’s 15th birthday! Here are some images that I absolutely adored from the show:

Photo Credit: Katie Sokole (Courtesy from the Gothamist)

These colors are so pop and adorable. & I can’t discard the use of fru fru on the outfit. This makes me wish that I can make a fruit tart crown for my Tarte!!! It’s going to happen someday. The problem is whether he will cope having something on his head but who knows, Tarte could love it!

& I can’t forget the outfit with the GORGEOUS FRU FRU TUTU:

Photo by Katie Sokoler from the Gothamist again

Look at her, she’s a total haute couture marshmallow doll. So so so cute!

Oh & I want this the most:

Photo again by Katie Sokoler!

Every kitty needs a relaxation melody from stage fright. Who came up with this brilliant idea? I love the concept. I definitely need my Tarte to listen to this to prevent him from nibbling on my arm when he is upset!

Look at this crazy feisty headdress crafted beautifully with tulle!!!!

This beautiful collection belongs to Pam Hogg from the automn/winter 2010 London Fashion Week. I love the sexy sass vibe that I get from these ruffles since usually it’s very flowery and hyperfeminine. Ahhh, it’s beautiful – the ruffle afro is STUNNING! As this year’s London Fashion Week approaches, I’m aching to see the next collection that’s being presented this year. Hopefully there will be a surprise of a fru fru line like Pam Hogg’s.

Here’s a dress version of the fru fru from Pam Hogg again:

posted from On | Off exhibition blog from Sept 09

Love it!

& another from the London Fashion Week last year from Graeme Armour:

Beautiful metallic futuristic fru fru. The simple color coordination of black and white nails both the pants and dress look. I would wear both for a night out at a club!

The best antique flea market happens at Fells Point in Baltimore every 2nd sundays of every month! Some of the price ranges are out of my wallet budget but if you dig through the vendors, you are always lucky enough to find things for less than 10 dollars!

like 5 dollar hats

Vintage Hat find at the Fells Point Antique Market

Tarte joined me for the second vintage hat shoot.

and 50cent lighters and a 2 dollar huge safetypin key holder.

I strangely stumbled upon a brand new faux red Toi De Jouy soft pet carrier case –  a rare finding especially at an antique flea market. I was able to accomodate a souvenir for Tarte as well!

Happy sunday!