OMG I just read the article here on the cat fashion show that happened at Algonquin hotel in NYC to celebrate their cat’s 15th birthday! Here are some images that I absolutely adored from the show:

Photo Credit: Katie Sokole (Courtesy from the Gothamist)

These colors are so pop and adorable. & I can’t discard the use of fru fru on the outfit. This makes me wish that I can make a fruit tart crown for my Tarte!!! It’s going to happen someday. The problem is whether he will cope having something on his head but who knows, Tarte could love it!

& I can’t forget the outfit with the GORGEOUS FRU FRU TUTU:

Photo by Katie Sokoler from the Gothamist again

Look at her, she’s a total haute couture marshmallow doll. So so so cute!

Oh & I want this the most:

Photo again by Katie Sokoler!

Every kitty needs a relaxation melody from stage fright. Who came up with this brilliant idea? I love the concept. I definitely need my Tarte to listen to this to prevent him from nibbling on my arm when he is upset!